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October 15, 2012; London, UK and Tel Aviv,  Israel for immediate release. A1 is delighted to announce that it has signed an agreement with Widetech of Israel to collaborate in the distribution of its educational 3D products around the globe. This offers A1 the opportunity to scale its business and reach new territories.


Widetech is a specialist company in the 3D field, offering a number of products to a global market including two software packages:

  • 3D-DOCTOR is an advanced 3D modelling, image processing, and measurement software for MRI, CT, PET, microscopy, scientific, and industrial 3D imaging applications. It allows the user to export the surface models in STL and other formats for surgical planning, simulation, quantitative analysis and for rapid prototyping applications, so that the 3D scans can be turned into physical 3D models through 5 axis machining or 3D printing.
  • Document3D suite makes it easy to use 3D data for documentation and communication. Its manufacturing solutions include tools for working with meta-data, parts lists and step-by-step process creation offering a complete set of tools for producing needed documentation faster and with greater accuracy. The Share3D solutions make is easy and affordable to communicate using an existing 3D model. The software is ideal for any company wishing to document, manage and promote their products using virtual 3D technology.


A1 has now added its portfolio of 3D design & make products to Widetech’s portfolio. A1 specialises in low cost 3D equipment aimed in particular at the education market, but which is equally popular with industry, the creative sector and with hobbyists. A1 is offering Widetech’s software products in the UK, while Widetech is offering through its distribution network A1’s range of products which include products for designing and for making in 3D:

  • Chameleon low cost 3D creative design package with a 3D hapticated mouse
  • David low cost 3D scanning solutions, including laser and structured light scanning
  • Studiomill low cost 3D 5-axis CNC milling machine
  • Maxit low cost 3D kit printer, printing physical models in ABS and PLA

A1’s products enable pupils and students to experience 21st century technologies and to learn by doing  and making, to turn ideas and designs into physical models, providing high levels of excitement and motivation, improving exam results, learning creative, innovatory and entrepreneurial skills with products which they can use for themselves, products which offer schools the ability to set up a 3D mini-Factory with the benefits of small size and low cost, but without compromise in quality or performance. They create the opportunity for their pupils to explore and use the same technologies in the same way as in the real world.


According to A1’s CEO, Martin Stevens: “A1 and Widetech share the same passion and the same aspirations for the development of 3D technologies, and this relationship offers both parties a great opportunity of extending their activity and their success around the globe.”


About A1 Technologies

Established in 2009 and based in London, UK; A1 Technologies supplies highly affordable, high quality 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organisations around the world. The company has a strong background in advanced technologies for design, engineering and manufacturing and a philosophy of integrating these technologies to provide a complete solution. A1 Technologies’ central remit is to democratize 3D digital technologies for everyone and to this end, the full range can be acquired separately for particular applications or procured as an integrated package — all at ultra low prices that cannot be matched. The A1 portfolio stands out as the most innovative 3D digital technology offering on the market today because it is accessible to everyone — both in terms of budget and ease of use. Individuals, educational institutions from kindergarten to university stages, as well as creative and commercial organizations can now all realistically consider the potential advantages of embracing 3D digital technologies.

The team at A1 Technologies is led by CEO, Martin Stevens; and Commercial Director, Trupti Patel. Driven by a passion for the technologies themselves and the potential that they offer to the wider community, these two individuals have a wealth of technical expertise that is second to none. This, combined with the ability to successfully integrate and apply 3D digital technologies, is what sets A1 Technologies apart within this sector. 

About Widetech

Since 2004 Widetech Ltd provides professional, local and international, distribution services  of manufacturing solutions; including market research, profiling targeted direct and  indirect channel; Reseller, VAR and OEM’s. 

 Services include market analysis, product potential in the targeted territory, determining go to market policy, pricing, partner’s terms & conditions, and ongoing channel management.


Company Resellers networks covers North America and Europe with hundreds of direct contacts and intimate acquaintanceship of vendors around the world. Company resellers network covers industrial manufacturing, education sector and hobbyists.


Widetech, , portfolio includes; 3D Documentation, 3D CAD design tools, 3D printers, 3D scanners, PLM solutions, QA measurements, Factory Layout and Design, Mil-Spec computers, medical image processing, simulators and related after sale services. Facebook, YouTube, Blog  Resellers may contact information:


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