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Widetech Announces new Reseller in Canada


Tel Aviv, Israel and Ontario, Canada – October 18, 2012


Widetech Ltd, professional international master resellers, has announced today Javelin Technologies, as authorized reseller in Canada for 3D-DOCTOR software, from Able Software Corporation - a global leader in 3D medical imaging and modeling software and the developer of the US FDA 510k cleared.


Known for its expertise and high level of service, Javelin Technologies

( ) is a distributor of CAD software and 3D imaging solutions and

3D Printers and now Javelin Technologies will resell the 3D-DOCTOR software in Canada. Javelin Technologies will facilitate the introduction of the 3D-DOCTORsoftware solutions to customers, providing an advanced 3D modeling, image processing,  and measurement software for MRI, CT, PET, microscopy, scientific, and industrial 3D imaging applications.


3D-DOCTORsupports both grayscale and color images stored in DICOM, TIFF, Interfile, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PGM, RAW or other image file formats. 3D-DOCTOR creates 3D surface models and volume rendering from 2D cross-section images in real time on your PC. You can export the surface models to STL (ASCII and Binary), DXF, IGES, 3DS, OBJ, VRML, PLY, XYZ and other formats for surgical planning, simulation, quantitative analysis and rapid prototyping applications.  3D-DOCTOR is cleared by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration 510K clearance) for medical imaging and 3D visualization applications. It has been named the Top 3D Imaging Software by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation Magazine in the Year 2002 and Year 2000 Annual  Technology Leaders  Issue.


“We are very excited to have Javelin Technologies as a reseller to offer our 3D-DOCTOR to their customers throughout Canada,” said Dr. Ted Wu, Founder of Able Software. “Their in-depth technical knowledge in 3D modeling and 3D rapid prototyping applications will enable them to leverage the power of 3D-DOCTOR to offer their customers better and cost-effective solutions.”





About ABLE Software


Able Software Corp. is a leading imaging software developer with its headquarter in the

US since 1994. Able Software has 2 main software products, 3D-DOCTOR and R2V.


The 3D-DOCTOR software is a US FDA 510K cleared medical imaging, 3D modeling and visualization software. It's currently being used by leading hospitals, medical schools and surgeons around the world.


The R2V software is currently being used in more than 100 countries for map digitizing, CAD drawing conversion and geographic information system (GIS) applications.



   About Widetech


   Widetech Ltd provides professional, international, distribution services of manufacturing solutions. Widetech portfolio includes; 3D Documentation, 3D CAD    design tools, 3D printers, Medical 3D image processing, 3D scanners, PLM solutions, QA measurements, Factory Layout and Design, Mil-Spec computers, simulators and related after sale services.






ABLE Software Press Contact

Widetech Press Contact

Ted Wu, PhD, Founder and CEO

Eldad Sayada, CEO

ABLE Software Corp. 

Widetech LTD,

Tel: 781-862-2804



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