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Widetech announces 3DPro as Authorized Reseller in Poland for QuadriSpace corp.

 Israel , Poland  and USA – June 14, 2013  – Widetech Ltd, a Master Reseller in Europe of QuadriSpace™ Corporation , a leading supplier of 3D Documentation Software for manufacturing, today announced the selection of  3DPro  as its  Authorized Reseller for Poland.


QuadriSpace software solutions are used worldwide to create manufacturing documents from 3D CAD models and then publish final documents to standard formats, including printed or interactive. Using the software, customers rapidly create 3D manufacturing instructions, 3D interactive service manuals, illustrated parts lists, technical illustrations and visual processes for assembly or disassembly in interactive 3D. All tools are CAD vendor independent and directly support importing 3D CAD and data files from products by Autodesk, PTC, SolidWorks, Rhino and other standard formats.

“Today there´s way too many technical illustrators who uses their CAD program to create material for technical documentation, Said Mariusz Szenfelder, CEO of 3DPro.  With QuadriSpace I can see how the working time can be significantly reduced”.  “I see that the product is very easy to use and at a low price. Most importantly, it’s capable to work with many of the big CAD programs on today’s market, which I truly believe is necessary for this type of product“, Mr. Szenfelder concluded.

“We are very excited about this cooperation 3DPro, said Eldad Sayada, CEO of Widetech LTD, “We are committed to expand our presence in Europe, and 3DPro for the Poland market is an advantage we are all expecting. Delivering ‘Green’ products that literally eliminate the need to use paper and provide manufacturers the opportunity to serve their customers better.” Furthermore, Eldad added “I think its time we provide the manufacturers, CAD independent modern tools, needed to reduce the manufacturing documentation costs and to provide the manufacturers the freedom to chose any CAD vendor for the design process and then use QuadriSpace to create a production file.”


Brian Roberts, President of QuadriSpace, indicated that “We are looking forward to our expanded cooperation with 3DPro to enhance our support of the European market. Our products are proven to simplify the creation of manufacturing processes and other critical manufacturing documentation while complying with international standards for electronic documentation. Our customers are empowered by the results: professional content, massive time savings and superior communication.”

About Widetech LTD

Widetech Ltd provides professional, local and international, distribution services; including market research and profiling targeted Reseller, VAR or OEM.  Services include negotiating terms & conditions, training the reseller and managing quota and forecasts. Company Resellers networks covers North America and Europe with hundreds of direct contacts and intimate acquaintanceship of vendor around the world. Technologies spectrum; 3D Documentation, 3D CAD design tools, 3D printers, 3D-Doctor Image processing,  Factory Layout and Design, Mil-Spec computers, Simulators and related products. (

About 3DPro: 

The company founded in 1995. The company has 18-years of experience in selling and implementing PTC software products in Poland. Currently PTC Value Added Reseller with Platinum status, Authorized Training Partner, Maintenance Services Provider, Certified Services Provider. With over 250 companies in our installed base. (


 About QuadriSpace Corporation

QuadriSpace Corporation ( delivers premier Product Communication and Documentation solutions using its patented technology (U.S. Patent # 7,068,269). QuadriSpace software solutions enhance productivity by enabling 3D CAD and associated data reuse throughout the business process. The easy-to-use suite of products minimizes the time to market and the documentation costs throughout the enterprise. QuadriSpace products serve a broad user base of engineering, manufacturing, marketing and technical publication professionals.













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