3D-DOCTOR uses its unique vector-based technologies to create better 3D models from volumetric images such as CT, MRI and microscopy images. 3D-DOCTOR has the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 510K clearance for medical imaging applications. The following lists some of the main features of 3D-DOCTOR and differences between 3D-DOCTOR and other packages:


1. Unique vector-based technologies for better 3D mesh model creation and easy editing.

2. Surface model uses smaller number of triangles while maintaining all details for high quality rapid prototyping applications.

3. Smart memory management with no limit for the number of slices to be used. It has been used to process images with over 2000 slices on a PC with only 256MB RAM.

4. Single command volume calculation and quantitative analysis report.

5. Handles DICOM and other image formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, Interfile and RAW (vendor proprietary formats).

6. Works with both grayscale and color images (color classification and separation)

7. Supports CT, MRI, PET, microscopy, industrial CT, scanned film images, boundary slices, slice data and XYZ points.

8. Advanced 3D image processing: image registration for multi-modality  application, image fusion, image resizing, image reslicing, etc.

9. 3D Output Formats: STL (ASCII and Binary), VRML, DXF, 3D Studio, IGES, Wavefront OBJ, PLY and more.

10. Write your own programs with 3DBasic script to automated frequently used steps.

11. Software Reliability: bugs are fixed right away once they are reported.

12. All functions are tightly integrated in a single easy-to-use package. No need to buy any additional expensive modules.

13. Last but not least – a reasonable price

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