Why QuadriSpace is better than others?


  • 3D integrated with page design - patented, not available from competitors and very useful, results in many benefits.
  • Ability to update an entire document, not just a set of graphics
  • Ability to drag a parts list onto a page next to a 3D view and modify both on-the-fly.
  • One software application to learn, train, install, support, etc
  • Include video, text and images in a single document.
  • Set up interactivity between page elements and 3D animations or selections without using JavaScript or being limited to a pre-set template only.
  • Display dynamic text associated with illustrations on a document page without using JavaScript or being limited to a pre-set template only
  • Create clickable parts lists that selected 3D in the 3D view by simply dragging out a parts lists page element
  • Create packets of information, not just a 3D animation
  • Smart Template Technology - makes it easy to create a set of illustrations from an exploded view or parts list. This is a powerful differentiation.
  • Configurations for creating subsets of large models.
  • QuadriSpace addresses detailed needs regarding Pro/E and SolidWorks import
  • Ease of use compared to other products - our software was designed from the ground up for general users (not just engineers)
  • Level of support - we have a long history of providing a high level, quality and fast respond to our customers.
  • Affordable - QuadriSpace license are at least 50% less than competitors. Also, we have provided customization to the product with only a general maintenance plan in place.


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