Since 2004 Widetech Ltd provides professional, local and international, distribution services of manufacturing solutions; including market research, profiling targeted direct and  indirect channel; Reseller, VAR and OEM’s. 


Services include market analysis, product potential in the targeted territory, determining go to market policy, pricing, partner’s terms & conditions, and ongoing channel management.


Company Resellers networks covers North America and Europe with hundreds of direct contacts and intimate acquaintanceship of vendors around the world. Company resellers network covers industrial manufacturing, education sector and hobbyists.



Widetech portfolio includes; 3D Documentation, 3D CAD design tools, 3D printers, 3D scanners, PLM solutions, QA measurements, Factory Layout and Design, Mil-Spec computers, medical image processing, simulators and related after sale services.



Management: Eldad Sayada, CEO:



Eldad Sayada, Widetech CEO, has more than twenty years of executive experience in business planning and execution in Hi-Tech industry, focused in sales and sales operation of Enterprise and Engineering software, Hardware products and related services; including Television networks sales operation, Engineering design tools and 3D build to spec machineries. During these years Eldad concluded strategic alliances and partnerships with international corporations in Europe and North America. Developed and managed distribution network (VAR’s, Rep’s) in the North America, Europe and Asia for direct and indirect business partner’s channels. Established and managed in the U.S. and Canada, Israeli subsidiary, including all corporate financial accounts and reporting structures to corporately and local authorities. Mr. Sayada earned a B.S. in Psychology and Computer science from Tel Aviv University in 1981 and MBA in business administration from Hill University in the USA in 2003.


LinkedIn: Tweeter: @EldadSayada

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